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cem4 | certifico machinery directive

The best software solution for Machinery Directive

CEM4 Edition 2021: view the New Standard Risk Assessment EN ISO 12100

Download CEM4 free Trial 30 days

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The best software solution for Machinery Directive

CEM4 Edition 2017: view the New Standard Risk Assessment EN ISO 12100

Download CEM4 free Trial 30 days

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certifico machinery directive

The best software solution for Machinery Directive

Download CEM4 free trial 30 days

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The best software solution for Machinery Directive

CEM4 Edition 2017: view the New Standard Risk Assessment EN ISO 12100

Download CEM4 free trial 30 days

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The best software solution for Machinery Directive

CEM4 Edition 2017: view the New Standard Risk Assessment EN ISO 12100

Download CEM4 free trial 30 days

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The best software solution for Machinery Directive

CEM4 Edition 2017: view the New Standard Risk Assessment EN ISO 12100

Download CEM4 free trial 30 days

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The best software solution for Machinery Directive

CEM4 Edition 2017: view the New Standard Risk Assessment EN ISO 12100

Download CEM4 free trial 30 days

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certifico machinery directive

The best software solution for Machinery Directive

CEM4 Edition 2017: view the New Standard Risk Assessment EN ISO 12100

Download CEM4 free trial 30 days

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certifico machinery directive

The best software solution for Machinery Directive



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CEM4 Update

Update CEM4 July 2021

09 July 2021

Last Update Version:  CEM4 July 2021 Update

Manual Update file

Windows 10, Windows Server 20XX

About CEM4 July 2021 | 8 July 2021

About CEM4 July 2021

18/06/2021: - June 2021 Update
May require the automatic database conversion (4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.18.x, 4.19.x, 4.20.x, 4.21.x)
- 0003156: [Feature] Added new document "limits of machinery" - [DBFIX 49]

About CEM4 June 2021 |18 June 2021

About CEM4 June 2021

08/07/2021: - July 2021 Update
- 0003157: [GUI: document windows] Added "EN ISO 12100 (p.5.3)" after the title "Machinery limits" in the document window
- 0003160: [Setup] Added support for SQL Server 2019 (only new installations on Windows 10 - 64 bit)

About CEM4 May 2021 | 07 May 2021

About CEM4 May 2021

07/05/2021: - May 2021 Update
- 0003153: [Feature] AR1/AR2/VX1/VX2/CK1: Added context menu for hazards and requirements in the tree (new assessments)
- 0003149: [Fix] Added context menu for every RTF fields

About CEM4 December 2020 | 18 December 2020

About CEM4 December 2020

18/12/2020: - December 2020 Update
- 0002568: [Home] "Current projects" page
- 0002569: [Home] "Current machineries" page
- 0002570: [Home] "Current documents" page

About CEM4 November 2020 | 19 November 2020

About CEM4 November 2020

19/11/2020: - November 2020 Update
- 0001149: [Fix] Pictures attached to risk assessments not copied
- 0003057: [Fix] AR1/AR2/VX1/VX2/CK1: Fixed several errors when copying documents
- 0001372: [Funzionalita'] Added "New" button into copy destination window

About CEM4 May 2020 | 14 May 2020

About CEM4 May 2020

14/05/2020: - May 2020 Update
May require the automatic database conversion (4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.18.x, 4.19.x)
- 0003038: [Setup] New setup pictures
- 0003031: [GUI: Main Window] New graphical layout for main window
- 0002998: [Feature] CK1: New method for assessments created with check list - [DBFIX 48]
- 0003028: [LICENCE] Updated licence agreement
- 0003058: [Documentation] Updated user manual
- 0003064: [GUI: Main Window] Check list inside "Rule" panel tree view
- 0003061: [Fix] Fixed table view error after deleting a picture of assessment
- 0003063: [GUI: Main Window] Context menu for nodes in Rules tree
- 0003030: [GUI: Document Window] Full screen document window command
- 0003065: [Feature] Multiuser: the login window remembers the last logged user
- 0003059: [Internal] Increased connection timeout for NDJ activation service
- 0002686: [Home] Dashboard: new features for user last working session widget
- 0003029: [GUI: Document Window] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2/CK1: Keyboard shortcut for assessment edit
- 0003056: [GUI: Document Window] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2/CK1: Assessment tree view columns
- 0002378: [Fix] Removed United Kingdom from EU members (localisation and legislation references) - 31/01/2020
- 0003039: [Fix] Removed custom bullet command (RTF fields)
- 0002571: [Home] Dashboard: first open widget
- 0003027: [Setup] New default signs collection

About CEM4 November 2019 | 27 November 2019

About CEM4 November 2019

27/07/2019: - November 2019 Update
- 0002976: [Feature] AR1: Added new "EHRS/rules" with fields "CEN" and "CENELEC" - [DBFIX 47]
- 0002997: [GUI: Document Window] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Added status bar panels with report counters
- 0002996: [Feature] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: New summary table for chapter requirements/hazards
- 0002995: [Fix] AR1/VX1: Added report summary for requirements
- 0002457: [Feature] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Fast change applicable and conformity reports
- 0002975: [Feature] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Enabled checkbox for chapter nodes hazards and requirements
- 0002972: [Feature] AR2/VX2: New delete function for relations between hazards and requirements
- 0002971: [Fix] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Fixed "Reset" button for assessment risk editor
- 0002974: [Fix] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Fixed unhandled exception raised when saving relations

About CEM4 May 2019 | 02 May 2019

About CEM4 May 2019

02/05/2019: - May 2019 Update
- 0002886: [GUI: document window] Added extensions .docx, .xlsx, .pptx for Technical File attachments
- 0002877: [Fix] Fixed export error for Technical File attachments
- 0002884: [Documentation] Removed old help topics in "Help" menu

About CEM4 December 2018 | 14 December 2018

About CEM4 December 2018

14/12/2018: - December 2018 Update
- 0002844: [Feature] Better hint for "Help me choose tool" (Italian language)
- 0002849: [Home] Search: new layout

About CEM4 September 2018 | 07 September 2018

About CEM4 September 2018

07/09/2018: - September 2018 Update
May require the automatic database conversion (4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.18.x)
- 0002812: [Feature] Added new "Tool "EN ISO 12100 | Operative" - [DBFIX 46]
- 0002816: [GUI] Added new window with main fields and description for the selected tool (machinery properties)
- 0002811: [Print report] Fixed localisation error in report footer for rules requirements

About CEM4 August 2018 | 03 August 2018

About CEM4 August 2018 Update

03/08/2018: - August 2018 Update
- 0002808: [Home] Home: new Home Machinery

About CEM4 July 2018 | 26 July 2018

About CEM4 July 2018 Update

26/07/2018: - July 2018 Update
- 0002805: [Print report] Changed Machinery Details report and Machinery Home
- 0002807: [Fix] Fixed localisation for table ISO/TR 14121-2 (EN/IT)
- 0002804: [Fix] Compulsory method choice when creating a new machinery
- 0002802: [Fix] Fixed item creation error in Add menu for database tool window
- 0002798: [Localisation] Fixed translation error for "hazards collections" (property window, EC Marking Process)
- 0002797: [Localisation] Fixed translation error for "Partly completed machinery" (property window, EC Marking Process)

About CEM4 May 2018 | 24 May 2018

About CEM4 May 2018 Update

- 0002792: [Fix] Feature to add Technical File section models
- 0002780: [Rules] New privacy policy
- 0002764: [GUI] New splash screen images
- 0002779: [zz - Interno] New software versioning system - AFIN

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.13 | 24 April 2018

About CEM4 4813

- 0002294: [Feature] Advanced HTML tooltips HTML for tree nodes in Database Window
- 0002766: [GUI] Fixed column resize in table of management window (manufacturer, machineries, rules)

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.12 | 14 March 2018

About CEM4 4812

- 0000830: [Fix] Copy and paste of embedded resources
- 0001226: [Print report] Added pictures in report for Technical File covers, section separators, new risk assessments covers
- 0002761: [Setup] Embedded Microsoft SQL Server 2014 LocalDB into the full setup
- 0002748: [Performance] Better performance when loading or updating statical data for database records
- 0002749: [Fix] Fixed first import error for hazards structure of new risk assessment
- 0002752: [Fix] Export of machineries risk assessments with pictures
- 0002758: [Performance] Better features for import and export machineries
- 0002759: [GUI] Added progress bars in taskbar button background of Windows 7 (or newer) for machineries import and export operations
- 0002760: [Feature] Added export machineries function in popup menu for Database nodes
- 0002757: [Fix] Fixed hazards creation error for new risk assessments when user selected two or more collections in the machinery property window
- 0002746: [Fix] After copying the EC Marking Plate, its section disappered from the database tree
- 0002059: [Fix] Fixed an unexpected exception raised when trying to delete an embedded resource shared among several Technical Files
- 0002741: [Fix] Delete of embedded resources of Technical File documents only if not saved on database
- 0002754: [Fix] Cannot create new machineries with schemes if there are hazard collections with name longer than 50 characters
- 0002739: [zz - Internal] Added values for some header fields for requests sent to Certifico web service or web server
- 0002744: [Feature] Added a hero image to fast insert embedded resources to Technical File documents
- 0001547: [Fix] When exporting more reports, the default file name was still the first one
- 0002734: [Print Report] Report page number error with English localisation
- 0002727: [Home] Topnav: loading metatag Opengraph for RSS feed news

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.11 | 17 January 2018

About CEM4 4811

- 0002720: [Feature] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Embedded pictures shown under the risk analysis (RQA/HZA) fields
- 0002726: [Fix] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Fixes and improvements when adding embedded pictures
- 0002721: [Fix] Fixed error "Add" button for declaration of incorporation
- 0002725: [zz - Internal] Added advanced option to set the maximum number of embedded pictures for risk analysis (RQA/HZA) fields

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.10 | 15 December 2017

About CEM4 4810

May require the automatic database conversion (4.7.x, 4.8.x)
- 0002709: [Fix] AR1/VX1: Fixed hazards collections filter error
- 0002698: [Fix] Saving function not enabled when editing the field "Machineries" in "Machinery data" tab for Declarations
- 0002697: [Print report] Fixed a view error for EC Declarations of Conformity for lines with several components on more than one page

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.9 | 12 October 2017

About CEM4 489

May require the automatic database conversion (4.7.x, 4.8.x)
- 0000759: [Home] Dashboard: added last user session widget - [DBFIX 45]
- 0002676: [Sessions] List of last closed documents and management windows for the current working session
- 0002674: [Fix] Fixed an error that prevented export for new risk assessments
- 0002670: [Fix] Fixed error for radiation hazards into "General" collection (English language only) [DBFIX 45] 
- 0002681: [GUI] New waiting window
- 0002667: [Document Debugger] Document Debugger
- 0002664: [Document Debugger] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Report conformity for new risk assessments warning
- 0002665: [Document Debugger] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Reduction factor warning
- 0002666: [Fix] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Fixed HZA view error of report previous state for new risk assessment report
- 0002669: [Fix] Button "Zoom" in report print preview allows to pass from "Page width" to "Full page"
- 0002668: [Fix] Fixed code error for risk estimate probability class
- 0002663: [Print report] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Reduction factor inside the print report

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.8 | 27 July 2017

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.8

- 0002640: [GUI] Context menu for tree nodes and table rows in management window
- 0002641: [Feature] Property window for EHSR Conformity
- 0002639: [Feature] Copy operation by drag&drop of database tree nodes
- 0002646: [Fix] Fixed an export error for signs pictures in English collection when software language is set to Italian
- 0002645: [Fix] Data refresh for management windows and database tree
- 0002644: [Fix] Fixed a hazard copy error for new risk assessments in English

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.7 | 30 June 2017

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.7

- 0002585: [Home] Dashboard: better performance when loading widgets
- 0002630: [Fix] Fixed view error for character & in database tree nodes
- 0002629: [Search engine] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Enabled database search for new risk assessments
- 0000869: [Search engine] Support for search logical operators AND, OR, NOT
- 0001384: [Search engine] Fixed software halt when user try to stop searching
- 0002628: [Search engine] Added search scopes: all database, selected window, selected tables
- 0002632: [Fix] Fixed a search error for some potential results in some situations

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.6 | 19 May 2017

About CEM4 486

May require the automatic database conversion (4.7.x, 4.8.x)
- 0002612: [zz - Internal] Added advanced option to enable a different loading mode of report libraries
- 0002611: [Fix] Added more log details when loading report libraries
- 0002462: [Feature] New risk assessment by requirement (document AR1) - [DBFIX 43]
- 0002607: [Feature] New scheme by hazards "Tool EN ISO 12100 | Standard" - [DBFIX 43]
- 0002546: [Rules] Updated rules reference for Machinery Directive - [DBFIX 44]
- 0002478: [Fix] Fixed error when editing assessment properties where added all EHSRs
- 0002609: [Fix] Fixed problem with error message when trying to edit properties machineries without hazard checked
- 0002610: [Fix] Automatic dump for globalogger windows

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.5 | 03 March 2017

About CEM4 485

May require the automatic database conversion (4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 4.8.x)
- 0002463: [Localisation] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: English localisation and language support - [DBFIX 41]
- 0002543: [Feature] VX1/VX2: Added new scheme "Tool | Assessment" for custom assessment by requirements and by hazards - [DBFIX 42]
- 0002544: [Fix] Fixed authentication error for LDAP users

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.4 | 24 February 2017

About CEM4 484 

May require the automatic database conversion (4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 4.8.x)
- 0002460: [Feature] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Editor for adding pictures to the document fields
- 0002433: [LICENCE] Updated licence terms
- 0002450: [Print report] Fixed item order for report "AR Pictures"
- 0001954: [GUI: Property Windows] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Description editing for assessments pictures - [DBFIX 40]
- 0002532: [Fix] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Requirement and hazard description always visible also for assessments cards
- 0002535: [Fix] Changed Certifico s.r.l. address
- 0002533: [Fix] Height resize according to the content of assessments RTF fields after user editing
- 0002524: [Feature] New text notes features for Technical File external documents
- 0002521: [Fix] Updated external links into CEM4 Home

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.3 | 27 January 2017

About CEM4 483

- 0002464: [Feature] AR1/AR2/CR2: Support of user authorizations for document windows (14034 and 14035)
- 0002456: [Feature] AR2/VX2: Added delete function for hazards in the tree of the document
- 0002502: [zz - Internal] Command line parameter to check the Ndj licence status for current or next release
- 0002503: [Setup] Check licence status before installing the UPDATE setup
- 0001164: [Fix] Cannot start the automatic update service when UAC or other Windows security policies are enabled
- 0002518: [Print report] AR1/CR2/VX1: Summary report for assessments (Italian language only)
- 0002517: [Print report] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Report for applicable/present cards, comply, not applicable/not presents, not compy, selection (Italian language only)
- 0002511: [Fix] Experimental support for proxies which require authentication with Windows user credentials
- 0002458: [Feature] AR1/AR2/CR2: Tools to filter the tree structure of the document and move among the cards

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.2 | 16 December 2016

About CEM4 482

- 0002483: [Feature] Cut, copy and paste for AR/CR of new risk assessments (Italian language only)
- 0002485: [Feature] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: Card delete for present hazards or applicable requirements selected in the tree (Italian language only)
- 0002484: [Print report] AR1/AR2/CR2/VX1/VX2: New cover report (Italian localisation only)
- 0002423: [Fix] Fixed visualisation error for copied and pasted pictures in RQAs
- 0002453: [Fix] AR2: Fixed error when copying AR2 and CR2 documents inside a machinery
- 0001294: [Performance] Better performance for delete operation
- 0002481: [GUI] Added progress bars in taskbar button background of Windows 7 (or newer) for copy and delete operations
- 0002482: [Performance] Better performance for copy operation
- 0002330: [Feature] AR1/AR2/CR2: Full support for copy/delete/export/import operation for new risk assessments.
- 0002454: [Fix] AR2: Better document deletion

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.1 | 30 November 2016

About CEM4 481
May require the automatic database conversion (4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 4.8.x)
- 0002472: [Syntax Errors] Fixed error for radiation hazards into "Generale" collection (Italian language only) - [DBFIX 39]
- 0002466: [GUI] AR1/AR2/CR2: New icons for hazard cards and field types
- 0002470: [Fix] Fixed error into "EN ISO 12100 Pericoli" collection (Italian language only) - [DBFIX 39]
- 0002473: [Feature] VX2: New custom risk assessment by hazards (Italian localisation only)
- 0002452: [Feature] AR1/AR2/VX1/VX2: Added property window for new documents
- 0002471: [Fix] Fixed schema display error in sections models
- 0002467: [Fix] AR1/AR2/CR2: Fixed report pagination for mulitple AR/CR in the same card
- 0002461: [Feature] AR1/AR2/CR2: Add delete and rename functions for AR/CR into analysis cards
- 0002381: [GUI] AR1/AR2/AR2/VX1/VX2: New document icons

About CEM4 Rel. 4.8.0 | 18 November 2016

About CEM4 480

May require the automatic database conversion (4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x)
- 0001473: [Feature] Risk assessment EN 12100:2010 (VR2/CR2). Italian localisation only - [DBFIX 38]
- 0002447: [Fix] Removed option "user instances" from database connection window
- 0002443: [Fix] Fixed error when calculating demo start date with other time zones and particular cases
- 0002436: [Import/export] Fixed a version compatibility error when importing rules exported with version 4.7.2 or newer for 4.7.1 or newer

About CEM4 Rel. 4.7.6 | 02 September 2016

About CEM4 476

May require the automatic database conversion (4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x)
- 0002412: [Fix] Increased field size "Valore" for risk analysis (RA) fields - [DBFIX 37]
- 0002413: [Fix] Cue banners for editable controls not correctly displayed on Windows 10
- 0002418: [GUI] Added two new themes ("Random Native System Theme" and "Aero Style (Dark Blue)")
- 0001952: [Fix] Increased height when editing assessments fields

About CEM4 Rel. 4.7.5 | April 26, 2016

About CEM4 475

May require the automatic database conversion (4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x)
- 0002300: [Feature] New scheduled activities manager window
- [DBFIX 36] - 0002299: [Feature] Automatic save periodic activity for document windows (Autosave)
- 0002352: [Fix] Disabled section "Store" in CEM4 Home (Italian localisation only)
- 0002343: [zz - Internal] Initial support of SQLite and SQL Server Compact databases
- 0002351: [Fix] Fixed crash when loading event log report

About CEM4 Rel. 4.7.4 | February 25, 2016

About CEM4 474

Mostly not compatible with previous versions! May require the automatic database conversion (4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x) 
- 0001829: [Feature] New set of 22 security authorizations for print, export and share document reports 
- 0002309: [Feature] New set of 14 security authorizations for new CEM4 items 
- 0002277: [Setup] Microsoft SQL Server 2012 embedded into full setup - 0002288: [Fix] Increased allowed characters for address ZIP Code from 5 to 10 - [DBFIX 34] 
- 0002224: [Feature] Support to assessments schemes - [DBFIX 35] 
- 0002302: [Feature] Added button "Open selected item" in main toolbar for manangement windows - 0002303: [zz - Internal] Client locked in read-only mode if the database release is newer 
- 0002313: [Fix] Text graphical issue for description in signs and hazards selection tables 
- 0002326: [Fix] Error when parsing system information for released licenses when activating and revoking a key 
- 0002316: [Fix] Icon graphical issue for tables in management windows (English localisation only)
- 0002227: [Fix] Fixed English terms for "Hazardous event" and "Hazardous situation"

About CEM4 Rel. 4.7.3 | December 18, 2015

About CEM4 473

May require the automatic database conversion (4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x)
- 0002215: [Rules] New Directives for EC Declaration of Conformity - [DBFIX 33]
- 0002264: [Product documentation] Update several chapters for software user manual (Italia language only)
- 0002244: [Print report] Better localisation system for print reports
- 0002268: [Fix] Better graphical redrawing for picture comboboxes items
- 0002265: [Feature] New language support level combobox
- 0002269: [Fix] Fixed saving error for fields "Code" and "Revision" inside document windows of DC, DF and MC
- 0002267: [Fix] "Localisation" field of the document now shown in archive node text, after the code

Download this file (Update July 2021.zip)cem4 July 2021 Update[09 July 2021][IT/EN]44741 kB18 Downloads
Download this file (Update June 2021.zip)cem4 June 2021 Update[18 June 2021][IT/EN]44740 kB48 Downloads
Download this file (Update May 2021.zip)cem4 May 2021 Update[07 May 2021][IT/EN]44591 kB80 Downloads
Download this file (Update Dicember 2020.zip)cem4 Dicember 2020 Update[18 Dicember 2020][IT/EN]44587 kB280 Downloads
Download this file (Update November 2020.zip)cem4 November 2020 Update[19 November 2020][IT/EN]43937 kB350 Downloads
Download this file (Update May 2020.zip)cem4 May 2020 Update[14 May 2020][IT/EN]43824 kB744 Downloads
Download this file (Update November 2019.zip)cem4 November 2019 Update[27 November 2019][IT/EN]43755 kB740 Downloads
Download this file (Update-May-2019.zip)cem4 May 2019 Update[02 May 2019][IT/EN]43680 kB870 Downloads
Download this file (Update-December-2018.zip)cem4 December 2018 Update[14 December 2018][IT/EN]43677 kB938 Downloads
Download this file (Update September 2018.zip)cem4 September 2018 Update[07 September 2018][IT/EN]43515 kB892 Downloads
Download this file (Update August 2018.zip)cem4 August 2018 Update[03 August 2018][IT/EN]43496 kB1013 Downloads
Download this file (Update July 2018.zip)cem4 July 2018 Update[26 July 2018][IT/EN]42782 kB990 Downloads
Download this file (Update May 2018.zip)cem4 May 2018 Update[24 May 2018][IT/EN]40290 kB900 Downloads
Download this file (cem4 Update 4.8.13.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.13[24 April 2018][IT/EN]48466 kB1002 Downloads
Download this file (cem4 Update 4.8.12.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.12[14 March 2018][IT/EN]48078 kB1144 Downloads
Download this file (cem4 Update 4.8.11.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.11[17 Jan 2018][IT/EN]47870 kB1131 Downloads
Download this file (cem4 Update 4.8.10.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.10[15 Dec 2017][IT/EN]44402 kB1140 Downloads
Download this file (cem4 Update 4.8.9.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.9[12 October 2017][IT/EN]44357 kB1129 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_488.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.8[27 July 2017][IT/EN]44096 kB1235 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_487.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.7[30 June 2017][IT/EN]44196 kB1233 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_486.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.6[19 May 2017][IT/EN]44178 kB1246 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_485.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.5[03 March 2017][IT/EN]41730 kB1406 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_484.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.4[24 February 2017][IT/EN]41696 kB1321 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_483.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.3[27 January 2017][IT/EN]41634 kB1427 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_482.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.2[16 Dicembre 2016][IT/EN]41567 kB1517 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_481.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.1[30 November 2016][IT/EN]40953 kB1559 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_480.zip)cem4 Update 4.8.0[18 November 2016][IT/EN]40834 kB1519 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_476.zip)cem4 Update 4.7.6[02 September 2016][IT/EN]40322 kB1684 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_475.zip)cem4 Update 4.7.5[26 April 2016][IT/EN]40222 kB1783 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_474.zip)cem4 Update 4.7.4[25 Februay 2016][IT/EN]38026 kB1889 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_473.zip)cem4 Update 4.7.3[18 December 2015][IT/EN]37473 kB1912 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_472.zip)cem4 Update 4.7.2[14 Ottobre 2015][IT/EN]36799 kB1870 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_471.zip)cem4 Update 4.7.1[28 August 2015][IT/EN]36268 kB1995 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_470.zip)cem4 Update 4.7.0[03 March 2015][IT/EN]35712 kB2235 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_469.zip)cem4 Update 4.6.9[19 December 2014][IT/EN]35628 kB2057 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_468.zip)cem4 Update 4.6.8[12 December 2014][IT/EN]35780 kB2040 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_467.zip)cem4 Update 4.6.7[07 November 2014][IT/EN]38682 kB2127 Downloads
Download this file (Update-CEM4_466.zip)cem4 Update 4.6.6[06 August 2014][IT/EN]38682 kB2708 Downloads

Changelog 2005-2020

What we did from 2005 to December 2020. 

The evolution of CEM4 2005-2020: Everything that has been done from version 2 to 4. 

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Machinery directive HS

ebook Machinery Directive & Harmonised Standards Ed. 8.0 March 2021

Directive 2006/42/EC & HAS Harmonised Standards database 2021

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Pubblicate Date: 26/03/2021
Publisher: Certifico s.r.l.
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Guide to application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Edition 2.2 - October 2019
(Update of 2nd Edition)


Archive Harmonized standards Machinery Directive

All the Communications of the harmonized standards published since 2014. The application of the harmonized standards is "Presumption of Conformity" to compliance with the RESS of Annex I of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Harmonized Standards

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Machinery Directive

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC of the Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 on machinery, and amending Directive 95/16/EC (recast)

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